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11 Pro Tips to Help You Execute a House Shifting During Monsoons in India

We are all aware that house shifting is a tedious process. What we don’t know is the amount of added difficulty that you might have to face if you want to execute a shifting during the monsoons. In the below-mentioned pointer, I have provided you with the 11 pro tips to help you execute a house shifting during monsoons in India:

1. Be prompt about preparing

Appropriate planning and preparation can make any challenge achievable. You should plan your house shifting requirements way ahead of the day of the move. Prepare according to the plan as the main challenge, in this case, is to combat the rains. You have to keep your belongings protected from dampness as damp clothes get affected by moulds. If rainwater seeps inside the pacing boxes, it will get collected in some of the vessels or the kitchen utensils. Mosquitoes will start breeding inside the boxes and it will be a complete mess inside. If you want to prevent such incidents, you have to prepare your move in the right way.

2. Protect yourself from the rains

Monsoons mean rainfall; be it drizzle or showers. While house shifting during monsoons, you have to protect your belongings and yourself as well. You have to go out several times as you prepare for various shifting chores. Make sure that you use an umbrella if you are walking down to the local market. Use raincoats if you are moving by bike or Scooty. If you get wet before the shifting day, you will not be able to take care of the necessary preparatory activities.

3. Protect your belongings from the rain

This is the basic motive of your house shifting in the monsoon; to protect your belongings from the rain. The most feasible way to waterproof your packing boxes is by wrapping them with plastic sheets. Get these plastic sheets from your local chain store. After packing each packing box with your belongings, seal those using packing tapes. Now use plastic sheets to wrap each of the boxes and secure them tightly with packing tapes. This will stop the rainwater from oozing inside.

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4. Appoint the professionals

Shifting your house is always a strenuous and stressful activity. You cannot do all the planning, preparations, and effective execution all by yourself as you are not experienced in this regard. Moreover, doing all of this elaborate activity in the monsoon is an added difficulty. You should get professional packers and movers Mumbai to Delhi who will take care of your preferences and assist you in the monsoon house shifting. The proficient packers and movers are licensed, trained, and competent enough to accomplish your shifting needs with accuracy. Find the best-suited packers and movers in your nearby area and verify their authenticity by visiting their office and checking their documents.

5. Create a moving checklist

Whenever you are planning to execute any detailed activity like house shifting, it is very normal to get confused and miss out on important errands. The best way to stay away from such situations is by creating a moving checklist at least 1 month before the moving day. Allot all the preparatory tasks amongst the days that you have left. If you follow the checklist, you will be able to complete all the tasks within the decided time. You will not have any undone tasks before the day of the move and you will be sorted.

6. Steer clear of inessentials

It is a bad idea to move everything under your roof when you are shifting your house from one city to another. You don’t need many things in your house and you will not need them later so there is no point in carrying them and spending extra money on the labour charges. Better steer clear of all the inessentials from your house.

If you want to replace the old furniture and appliances with new ones in your new house, then you should sell them right away before the move. If you have a pile of old clothes, shoes, books, and bags, you should donate them to an NGO for a good cause. Then you will be left with a bunch of useless and damaged objects; discard them without thinking much.

7. Keep your clothes monsoon ready

Monsoon season needs you to care for your clothes a bit extra. So, you should wash your clothes, dry them, and iron them beforehand. If you iron and fold your clothes in advance, your clothes will not hold any moisture, and hence there will be no chance of them being infested by moulds. If your clothes remain damp, they will not only be prone to mould but also they will make your move heavier. Another useful thing to do is to insert moth balls into the packing boxes containing clothes if you are moving a long distance. This will keep the festering pests away from your boxes.

8. Ensure that the moving container is safe

There are several kinds of moving vehicles available with the moving companies. Make sure that they provide you with a closed-top container during the monsoons.

9. Shoe covers are a must

Buy a bunch of shoe covers for the packers and movers Mumbai to Gurgaon team as they will enter your house wearing the mud-laden shoes from outside. Their shoes will not only make the floors dirty but also fetch loads of germs and bacteria into your house. If you have toddlers or pets, it is very harmful to them to walk on such muddy floors. Shoe covers are a must in such situations.

10. Check the condition of the warehouse

In case of a long-distance move from one city to another, you may need to avail of a warehouse. In such cases, you should check the condition of the warehouse before letting the moving company store your goods in it. Check the walls and the flooring whether there is any water trickling from anywhere or not. If the warehouse is safe in such concerns, you can go ahead and keep your belongings in the custody of the moving company.

11. Try to move in broad daylight

It may be the year of the 75th Independence Day Of India, but our country is yet not free from the downtrodden conditions of the roads and infrastructure. The condition of the roads is pathetic and it becomes worse during the monsoons. You cannot change the road conditions but you can at least move safely. It is better that you start your move in broad daylight when you can see the potholes and the pools of muddy water at the sides of the roads.

The Final Interpretation

Shifting your house is a complicated and cumbersome phenomenon. Doing all of this in the monsoons makes things way more problematic. But if you follow the above-mentioned 11 pro tips to help you evaluate a house shifting during monsoons in India, you can achieve what you were assuming to be unachievable. I wish you a trouble-free monsoon shifting!


Monali Swain
Monali Swain
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