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How To Run A Contest On Facebook

Contests on Facebook’s timeline are now an increasingly well-known social media marketing strategy. (followers on facebook) As a marketer for social media, I know that sometimes it’s challenging to achieve your goals on social media by posting high-quality and varied content.Different contests reach different goals. We’ll go over each in greater here


  • Introduction
  • Facebook Contest Rules 2017
  • Sweepstakes, Giveaway
  • Picking A Winner Can Be Tricky
  • Quiz
  • Photo Contest
  • Ideas For Gifts
  • Promote and Share Your Contest
  • How To Run A Quiz (Example)


Before you begin organizing a Facebook contest, you must be aware of your social media marketing objectives and create a complete and accurate image of your Facebook page.

 By this, I mean the number of fans you have, your intended audience, and the level of engagement for your page. 

Sometimes, you’ll need to run many “beginner” timeline contests to prepare yourself for “advanced” video contests.


Below I present four of the most common types of contests you can quickly run on your timeline. You can choose your winners effortlessly.

 In the beginning, we’ll go over the different types of competitions in-depth, and then I’ll guide you through creating a Facebook Sweepstakes by starting from scratch.

Facebook Contest Rules 2017

Let’s review the latest Facebook Contest rules. The complete listing of Dos and Don’ts here, but I’ve made it simpler for you to follow.

What you can ask your followers to do is:

  • Like a Post
  • Like Your Page
  • Comment on a Post
  • Post on your Facebook Page
  • Log in to your company

What you should not expect your fans to do is:

  • Make a Post on their timeline
  • Send a Post or page with their circle of friends
  • Tag your friends in your posts
  • Sweepstakes and Giveaway

Giveaways and sweepstakes are the most straightforward to enter. The crucial factor in attracting many entries is to choose the best prize to give away.

Good For:

  • If you have 1000 fans
  • You can do so if you’re looking to attract new Facebook followers or share your post.
  • Contest Ideas:

We’ll randomly select the winner from those who have commented on the blog post.

Please tell us why you should be selected to win: “It’s giveaway time! Share this post to get the chance to take home (a reward) and explain the reason we should choose one of you to win!”

  • Take a fantastic example of this idea in action in the band Sleepy People.
  • The Facebook contest, competition post

Facebook contest post

We urged users to follow us or like the post in the post and then leave a message. We’ve gotten nearly 200 likes on our posts, 1000plus page likes, as well as 170plus comments.


TIP: While you may call for three actions as we did, do not make your request for action difficult. The simpler the conditions, the better your chances of getting more people to participate.

Picking a Winner Can be Tricky

The biggest drawback to using your timeline to run giveaways and sweepstakes rather than an application for such contests is that deciding who wins could be challenging.

 Once you’ve posted an update on your timeline, you’ll have to select a winner after the deadline to participate in the contest has expired. 

As we’ve previously discussed, the importance of the most effective way to increase likes (page or comments on posts) and words are the best since the goal of these contests is to boost the number of these.Read more


How do you pick a fair winner when a contest’s post has hundreds of comments and likes? When battles on timelines become well-known, apps offer tools to manage conflicts and make it simpler to choose winners. I’ve researched and selected two apps; each is great at dealing with the difficulties of running contests on timelines.


Quizzes are a great way to engage with followers. It is especially beneficial to allow your users to interact with your website more meaningfully instead of likes and random remarks.


To run a contest like this, you must inquire about your products, industry and services. Use this type of contest to highlight your less well-known products, services, and features and help your customers understand your to get followers on facebook business page

Brand recognition

Engaging in conversation with customers who know about your product and use it.

Help users learn about lesser-known products, services, or features

Contest Ideas:

How are you aware of the industry?

Coffee shops could inquire about unique varieties of coffee. REALTORS(r) might be interested in asking the possibility of asking about old buildings, and automobile customers from businesses will appreciate questions about Formula 1 winners and other races.


How are you familiar with our company?

This is an excellent method to increase your brand’s visibility and get the word out about it. Ask questions regarding the year that your company was established, the source of your company’s name, the countries the employees come from, and the wild fashion of your Christmas office party. 

I’m having a difficult time controlling my imagination! Therefore, don’t let it restrain your imagination!

What service/product/feature will we launch next

This test can help you present your updates to a broader public and determine what your customers expect from your company. It is possible to learn a lot about the updates that could be most important to your customers through the feedback you receive.

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