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Papa Johns CEO Reveals 5 Unexpected Startup Success

Papa Johns Entrepreneur John Schnatter has always had a love for pizza.

While still in high school, he worked at a pizza and sub shop in his hometown of Evansville, Indiana, where he developed a passion for making pizza. He worked at Greek’s Pizza to pay his way through college. His parents forbade him from leaving Ball State University to start a business.

Business Insider quoted Schnatter as saying, “That’s when the thing came to me.” “After I finished college, I would open my own restaurant. I was familiar with the equipment, recipes, and store layout. After discussing a marketing major who stayed in his dorm, he even had a name.

He made a courageous jump in 1984. He raised $1,600 by selling his beloved Camaro Z28 and spent $2,800 on used restaurant equipment before opening a pizza parlor in a bar’s broom closet.

With 4,800 locations and a market value of $2.2 billion, Papa Johns Pizza is currently the third-largest pizza company in the world. Additionally, the 50th Super Bowl and the Football League both have Papa Johns as their official pizza sponsor.

The success of Schnatter’s startup is attributed to the following five “unexpected components”:

Patient and Ambition

According to Schnatter, you must keep looking until you find a position that is important and fulfilling. If you do that, you won’t ever need to work again.

As a young man, Schnatter worked odd jobs like driving a forklift for a neighborhood package delivery service, painting gutters, cutting grass, welding barges, or flipping hamburgers at Wendy’s. I moved around a lot until I finally fell in love with baking pizzas because I was good at it, I liked the process, plus I loved seeing people smile. If I hadn’t been doing what I thought I was meant to do on Earth, I don’t think I would have managed to run my own business for as long as I have.


When Papa Johns was first starting out, I dug through competitors’ trash to find their sales papers and sent handwritten letters to their customers pleading with them to try our pizza, says Schnatter. Unconventional as it may be, tenacity and resourcefulness are crucial traits for a successful business. Additionally, you must firmly believe in and personally attest to the superiority of your product.


He continues by saying that failure is an option and isn’t always a terrible one, despite what some people may tell you.

A number of years ago, we thought our Sweet Chili Chicken Pizza would a huge hit. Boy, were we wrong,” says Schnatter. We had a tonne of extra sweet chili sauce for the chicken.

Used the concept of optionality to develop strategies for marketing it since we promote experimentation and exploration rather than rejecting it. They used a little creativity to come up with our wildly popular Sweet Chili Chicken Wings, demonstrating that there is always a workable answer to a problem. But you mustn’t be afraid of failing.

He claimed that entrepreneurs typically find their best ideas while looking for something else. Making a negative into a positive is crucial.


According to Schnatter, in the food service profession, your clients serve as your yardstick for quality. When I was 15 years old, I got my first job making pizza and doing the dishes at Rocky’s Sub Pub in Jeffersonville, Indiana, where I was raised. The tray will return empty once the pizzas were made properly. If the tray was delivered back with pizza on there, I knew it had been made incorrectly.

You must commit to everyday improvement and in tune with your clients if you truly want to succeed. It must emphasize again.

Thinking on a Small Scale Papa Johns

According to Schnatter, Papa John’s has always operated with the mindset of a small company, similar to a mom-and-pop, independent pizzeria. We think of our business as 4,800 identical stores.

He claims that this entails prioritizing customers above all else, maintaining high standards of quality, being adaptable enough to make required course adjustments, and hiring talented people who are looking for a chance rather than simply a job.

When you’re trying to expand your business, he argues, it’s simple to forget what made it succeed in the first place. Maintaining a modest business mentality can help you stand out from the competition and allow you to grow truly enormous.

Final Remarks on Papa Johns

Pizza has transformed by Papa John’s, a company that has been in operation for years. After they have improved or retained taste and quality despite their age. And they have an advantage over their rivals thanks to their excellent taste and reasonable prices. They are the greatest because of this.

Promotions from Papa John’s include menu discounts. Large groups benefit from family prices, while single deals remain reasonable. Place an order for pizza if you plan to watch a movie with your family in front of a projector. Or it’s inexpensive if you’re dining alone and want something delicious and healthful. Get a Papa johns promo code and get larger pizzas for better savings.

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