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Where To Keep Your Shoe Accessories In A Home?

Shoes are one of the hardest fashion accessories to store unless you have the proper space to store them correctly. Everyone has many pairs of shoes and they want them to keep safe and intact from dust and teething pets because shoes are an expensive accessory. Nobody will realize that they have a small-sized collection until they are forced to organize them inside your wardrobe. For those who are looking for ways to organize shows then this is a judgment-free zone, and we are here to help. So don’t worry about the less space you have for shoes and buy new shoes by using the Ego shoe coupons in your shopping to get shoes at discounted prices. 

Hanging Shoe Organizer 

A hanging shoe organizer won’t cost you much and is convenient, as it is a quick solution to storing footwear in your closet. Even if you don’t have much space in your closet or have the tiniest closet, this type of organizer will still fit in perfectly. You can hang it on your closet door, it cleverly utilizes the vertical space and is pretty easy to use. Some people also hang it behind the door or on the wall. It is made of fabric and it’s sturdy enough to hold shoes for women with pointy heels. If you can’t afford to buy a shoe organizer then this technique would be perfect for you. or you can DIY this organizer too. 

Ottoman Storage 

Ottoman storage doubles the storage for shoes, this could be the perfect solution for small apartments and houses that need to avail each corner of the space. The top of the ottoman can slide open, giving you ample space inside to store all your shoes. There are different sizes available, you can find small ottomans with storage online, but if you want to store all your shoes, go for a big one. It is challenging but not impossible especially if you know the basic knowledge about furniture making. And it is the safest place for your luxury shoes to keep them intact and new. 

Shoe Rack Behind Curtain

Some people don’t need to be always displayed for the work, some people like them hidden away. And if your house is in such an area where you face dust problems then shoes on a rack can gather dust easily. You can install a wall shoe rack and cover it with a piece of cloth. It would be perfect to cover it with a curtain. Nobody will know that there is a shoe rack behind the curtain, you can also simply install a curtain rod with ample space from the wall. This technique will help you in saving floor space if you are living in a small apartment. 

Spinning Shoe Tree 

Spinning tree show racks are inspired by the kitchen rack which we use in keeping vegetables in it and for mugs and glasses. It is very easy and even gives an aesthetic look. It is also one of those solutions that require less space and it is made of stainless steel. The spinning shoe tree can easily keep your daily wear shoes in it. I would suggest keeping your daily wear shoes in it and don’t put your luxury heels on it. As it will make them dirty or even dusty. You can keep sneakers in it but you can’t keep a lot of pairs in it. Because it might not be able to fit as many. 

Under Bed Shoe Organizer

The best place for your shoes to be kept in your home is under your bed. Yes, you can keep your shoes under your bed, the safest place to keep them. Many brands offer organizers that are specially designed in such a shape that can fit easily under the bed. However, there are such types of beds that are built-in drawers for shoes or other stuff. So, you can buy more shoes for yourself by using Totes promotional code and get discounted prices on shoes. Utilizing under-bed space for sorting shoes is great and a neat way. So, if you don’t have space for a shoe organizer in your room then keep it under your bed. Utilize that space too to keep shoe accessories under it.

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